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String Art Team

String Art is about the art that is expressed through nails and strings. It is a decoration piece, mostly used as a wall hanging.

String Art Kashmir group constitutes of four members: Aamir Beigh, Mustakeem Khan, Youhan Ul Rehmaan and Mujeeb Mattoo. Amir & Youhan have completed schooling from SP Higher Secondary School while Mustakeem Khan has done schooling from Green Valley School. Currently, all of them are pursuing B.Com from Islamia College Srinagar.

String Art Kashmir was started by Mustakeem and Aamir Beigh in 2016.

We didn’t want to be the breed of the same protocol like be a Doctor, Engineer and so on. We had no one to ask what to do and for that purpose, we knocked the doors of Google. There we came to know about string art.

Although we were intrigued by the string art we didn’t give much heed to it initially as we were busy with studies.  It all started when Youhan said he was interested in working with us and it was a confidence boost for us and we took string art seriously.  

After working on it for some time we realized we needed a place where we can work at peace and some space where we could spread out our tools. It was during this time we came in contact with Mujeeb Mattoo who owned a shop Oodies Collection in Dalgate . His shop is in a Hotel which is yet to start, and it was a perfect kind of place for us. This is how we came to be what we are today!

String Art Example
Few String Arts created by StringArt Kashmir

Making of String Art needs a thick cardboard, nails and strings.  Firstly, Aamir makes the designs. Mujeeb and Youhan dig the nails in the pattern that is to be designed. Mustakeem then uses the strings in patterns to complete this art.

The most difficult part in making of string art is the digging of nails, it seems to be an easy task, but it takes a lot of time and efforts as we have to dig the nails only half and too close. And most importantly, we take into consideration each other’s suggestion which is important for the overall process and progress.

String Art
Names in String Art

Our customers are satisfied and all above we love what we are doing . The only thing that bothers us is that in general people don’t pay any attention to this kind of art and we have to explain what we do every-time to people. We need people to accept this art too.

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