Ab. Rehman Guddo

Humans of Kashmir

Walking down the narrow passageway through Bohri Kadal, Shehr-e-khass , there’s a possibility that you might have seen Abdul Rehman Guddo, a lean and fragile elderly person,  selling peanuts and chickpea. A determined man who lost his house when the flames burnt it down to the ashes in a day-long fire breakout.

On my way back from office, my legs refused to walk when I saw this man sitting on a 12×12 rag with unwavering perseverance. Whether it be a bone-chilling cold of a wintry morning or the rays of the bright sun, you’ll always find him at the end of an alley, towards the main road in Bohri Kadal chowk. I gathered my courage and walked up to him offering some money, he smiled at me and modestly refused.

This is the real representation of Kashmir. A man in his late 70’s reluctant to give up because he’s decided to earn bread for himself and his family. A man in possession of just a couple of baskets made of stiff fibres kept in front of him while he sits on the pavement wearing a pheran and a muffler around his neck. This is the portrayal of the real Kashmir. These are the Humans of Kashmir that remind us of Kashmiriyat.

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