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Ashfaq Wani, Humans of Kashmir

He was barely six years old when he was drawn towards Martial Arts.

Ashfaq Wani, a twenty-six-year-old black belt in martial arts, inherited a passion for athletics from his father Abdul Majid Wani who himself was an athlete during his school days.

“It was the year 1998 when I was a class 1st student. I was walking through a playground in our locality with my father. The players were undergoing martial arts training. Once I heard the word ‘martial art’, I developed a strange feeling within. I felt like I was already familiar with the art. I made my mind that I have to train in martial arts,”

Facing hardships in the initial days of his training when there was no equipment. In 2004, he got the opportunity to come under the mentorship of coach Khurshid Ahmad Bhat.

He is a man of peace but he has the ability to destroy. That is what the motto of his fighting academy ‘Kashmir Combatives’ is-“Strive for Peace, Train For War.”

For the last ten years now, Ashfaq has been teaching martial arts in district Baramulla.

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