Dr. Mushtaq Chalkoo

“He believes in the art of science”. Author of “My Expressions”, a compendium about various issues and facts about life. He has specialised in laparoscopy and minimal access surgery.

World famous for his “CHALKOO TECHNIQUE” in surgery, Dr. Mushtaq Chalkoo has won various accolades including State Award for introducing Chalkoo technique for MINILAP CHOLECYSTECTOMY to surgical world. He is associated with more than 5 medical associations in India and has reviewed about 34 papers, published 50 scientific publications, attended about 35 conferences and has presented about 32 papers both at national and international level.

Currently associated with Government Medical College Srinagar, he is also the fellow of Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India and Fellow of the Indian Hernia Society, among others.

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