Dr. Syed Mohammad Waris – Author

Dr Syed Mohammad Waris

He is the Associate Director Academics at London Academy of Sports & Health Sciences.

Dr. Syed Mohammad Waris is a multifaceted personality. Born in 1980 in Srinagar Kashmir, he not only excels professionally but also in his writing. He is a specialist in alternative medicine and is very passionate about esoteric science.

He is also the author of a book “Yearning Heart”, which is a collection of poetry that must blossom as a flower would in a warbling, spring morning. The author hopes to showcase ideas that set his heart racing, his passion, and his restlessness!

Dr. Waris grew up in a family deeply influenced by the Sufi way of Islam. He counts his grandfather as one of the leading lights of Chistiya order and is greatly influenced by his teachings. Since his house used to be frequented by learned people with a deep knowledge of mysticism, he was initiated into the Sufi branch of Islam very early.

In his quest for knowledge, he has travelled extensively in and outside India. He has excelled professionally with the same zeal. His work has been recognized at different levels internationally and has been felicitated by many organizations for his contribution to serve the masses.

We can infer that Dr Waris is genetically wired to carry on the noble mission initiated by his grandfather – to spread the true message of Islam, which at its crux is nothing but to serve mankind.

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