Haris and Burhan- Successful Entrepreneurs who made it big.


Haris Rehman Reagu is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who alongside his brother, Burhan Rehman Reagu revolutionized and transformed their family business using Social Media as their key tool.

Haris got his Bachelor’s Degree in IT from Kashmir University. He’s also been a student of Chandigarh University where he received Master’s degree in Computer Networking. An alumnus of Tyndale Biscoe, Srinagar, he was appointed in IBM, Chandigarh for a year but came back to Kashmir for heading his family business.

“Kitch’N’stuff  is India’s first online “Kitchen and Crockery store”. We are focused to use technology as a medium for our business growth. The initial response to our venture was immense, we managed to acquire 10k followers on Instagram in less than 3 months”

Burhan is a pass out from Caset School. He’s currently pursuing B.Com Honors from Islamia College of Science and Technology. Burhan is the head of marketing for Kitch’N’stuff and deals with all the marketing structure and decisions.

“Kitch’N’stuff is getting bigger and better with each passing day. We thank everyone for helping us to get to 10K followers. Along the way, we’ve met some amazing people and we consider ourselves lucky and honoured.”

The idea behind Kitch’N’stuff was to start something that was different and unique. Haris and Burhan see a great scope for their business in future. They’re planning to launch their official website soon owing to the overwhelming response and support they received from their customers.

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