Iram Mehraj – Entrepreneur

Iram Mehraj - Entrepreneur

There are countless women entrepreneurs making big moves and creating start-ups in Kashmir. One such entrepreneur is Iram Mehraj, a 34 year old founder of Shreen Libass, one among the first online stores for Females that was started in 2014 which a Facebook page (Shreen Libass). Her venture may not seem that big but the journey & idea behind her venture makes her an inspiration for future business women of Kashmir.

Apparel sector in Kashmir hit the online stores amid a storm of hype. Shreen Libass-the joy of dressing, as the name suggests aims at providing exclusive clothing collection for women and has set the benchmark for delivering over 32 orders in a day. Shereen Libass now has close to 6000 followers on Facebook & 4000 followers on Instagram.

Shreen Libass Kashmir
Few dresses featured on Shreen Libass

The idea behind her venture was to start a business where she can spend maximum time with her kids.

Iram believes when there is no job available for you, you can create one for yourself. This directed the creation of Shreen Libass. A resident of Peerbagh, Srinagar, Iram is masters in biotechnology.  Previously she has also worked at Max healthcare, Delhi.

“I am just a very small drop in this wide ocean of entrepreneurs but happy to see myself among millennial Muslims all over the world, some emerging and some really successful people in so many fields. Such small steps really keeps your morale high and pushes you to strive more for better future”

Iram believes that with such kind of ventures, women in the valley could live more fulfilled and independent lives.

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