Javid Ahmad Lone – KAS

Javid Ahmad Lone KAS

“I failed for the fifth time in a row appearing for KAS. People lost hope in me but I saw myself inching closer towards my goal.”

A great example of – “Fall down seven times, get up eight”.

It was in the sixth attempt that he ultimately succeeded to earn a seat and finally made it to the Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS), a dream he didn’t allow to fade out.

Javid Ahmad Lone, hailing from Waripora village of Tangmarg, a village where people mostly earn their livelihood by means of handicraft, he chose to tread on a different path and converted his falling into flying.

“I was disappointed when I couldn’t qualify in the five previous attempts but I decided to try again. Due to my steadfastness and persistent support of the family, I finally made it to the KAS. Praise be to Allah for he bestowed upon me the courage to fight.”

Ranked at 47th number, Javid ultimately proved to his family and friends that what he had decided for himself, he had done it and achieved his target. “I was not sure that I will qualify it, but I was honestly pursuing my preparations and didn’t lose heart even when people had a lot to say about me. My parents and friends believed me and so did I.”

“Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, each time – more intelligently, with more experience”.

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