Khan Aatif – Hotelier, Social Activist

Khan Aatif - Humans of Kashmir

At the young age of 20, Khan Aatif has managed to procure a status of a successful businessman who runs a hotel in Rajbagh. He’s working as a member of a highly regarded NGO, Kashmir road and safety foundation which has been ranked one during the recent census.

“Despite being a well-off businessman, I always wanted to serve people. This is the reason why I joined Kashmir road and safety foundation. The NGO is related to traffic rules awareness, thus to avoid fatal accidents and risks that follow”

Aatif is a resident of Rajbagh and has done his schooling from New Era Public School. Currently working as a hotelier, he is much interested in films and productions. Aatif was cast in many short-movies on road safety and social awareness. ETV-Urdu recently held his Interview and he is eagerly waiting for his another project, a short movie on traffic rules which is going to be released in SKICC, Srinagar.

“My inspiration is Sheikh Abdul Wahid who is a senior social activist of our Valley. He has always been encouraging and I believe everyone can make a big difference”

Aatif organizes events and programs in Valley that are mostly related to public awareness. He feels that such events are mandatory in order to raise awareness about social and artistic scenarios in Kashmir.

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