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Mian Abid Human of Kashmir

Boasting 14 inventions, that range from an electric tester to a device which sets an alarm when the soil is irrigated to its maximum limit, Abid has used his creative faculties to invent ‘affordable and useful’ devices.

Hailing from Chanpora Srinagar, 20 year old Mian Abid is a young innovator.

He was the winner in the ‘innovation and magic category’ in Kashmir’s Got Talent-2015.

“I have worked hard to ensure that these devices reach a common man. From making a simple doormat which sets a doorbell ringing after someone steps on it to a water-overflow alarm system, my products are aimed to cater every segment of the society”.

A student of final year BCom at Srinagar’s Amar Singh College, Abid’s scientific temper has not found a large fan base, as most people are unaware of him. However, winning Kashmir’s Got Talent opened a new window for Abid and helped him demonstrate his innovations at coveted platforms such as the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) at Kashmir University.
“I have registered myself at NIF and applied for a patent for my products. What I need to work on is the commercial viability of my products”.

With no scientific background, Abid, who has two brothers, is famous among his family for ‘fixing things’. A Humble beginning for Abid is now craving for a scuttle that would help his products become a commercial success.

Whether it’s the room sleepers, which are lit by a glowing bulb while walking or a musical bell which indicates overflow of a tank, Abid’s innovations are simple yet bizarre. A LED torch which flashes at the clap of hands to a motion sensor device, products designed by Abid are mostly made from junk and day-to-day objects which are normally ignored and thrown into dustbins.

The multi-sensor motion device is able to detect gas leakage and even motion which can be used to keep a check on thefts etc. It is made of simple metal body and cells.

“The joy of beating a top magician and innovators of an FM station and a helicopter at Kashmir’s Got Talent was a huge satisfaction for me. I hope my innovations reach every part of the world”.

Source: Greater Kashmir

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