Mohiudin Pala – Pallet Victim

Mohiudin Pala Pallet Victim Kashmir

Pellets have partially blinded 29-year-old Ghulam Mohiudin Pala, leaving this sports champion of north Kashmir handicapped forever.

Pala, a resident of Bangdara, Baramulla, has been passionate about sports since his childhood. His hard work earned him a black belt (nidon) in karate, while he went on to compete in 25 national and international events.

Later on, he did diploma in several sports such as throw ball. He was awarded prizes and medals for his achievements in volleyball, Dodge ball,throw ball, and karate. He played in events such as 7th Senior National Super Seven Cricket Championship 2006, 7th All India Renkurban Karate Do, and 35th Senior Throw-ball All India championship.

On August 1, 2016, his flourishing sports career was brought to an end by the pellets fired outside his house during a protest he wasn’t a part of.

“I went outside to look at the situation, when our village was protesting peacefully. Suddenly, police came and started firing pellets. I was hit in the left eye. Since then, I can only see with my right eye.”

“I had to even fight for getting a disability certificate. Now, I am only hoping to get some help from the government or from somewhere else, so that I could restart my life.”

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