Muhammad Rafiq – Women’s college employee

Mohammad Rafiq Womens college Kashmir

With a wooden stick in his hand and an authoritative shriek that his job demands, “Chacha” or “Chachu” or “Uncle” called by the girls at the college campus, he starts his day by opening the gates of college, winnows thoroughly every group attending the college for a uniform check.

Mohammad Rafiq, assigned a permanent job as a peon in Women’s College Srinagar back in 1992, fosters the boon of ordinary optimism.

He is very particular about the etiquettes of uniform. He is allowed to let in only colleagues and students, none other.  A resident of Lal Chowk only, Mohammad Rafiq dropped out of school after 8th standard, his father, being an employee at Women’s College helped him procure a job for living, and since then he has been holding on with grace.

A father to four daughters, Mohammad Rafiq has become proficient in executing his work that mostly involves supervising girls around the campus. Mohammad Rafiq’s attitude towards all of his experiences can be synopsized into two words, that are his own, “First Class”.

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