Nasir Andrabi- An Entrepreneur

Nasir Andrabi

Nasir Andrabi, a resident of Bhagat, Srinagar, and a business graduate from Cardiff Business School, London, quit his banking job at Singapore to start his own business to promote traditional Kashmiri cuisine, Wazwan, outside the valley.

Nasir’s studies and professional pursuits took him to many domestic and foreign destinations. During this period, he was surprised to see the absence of authentic Kashmiri cuisine on food menus across the world. It was then he envisaged a chain of highly successful restaurants offering traditional Kashmiri food.

“I always wanted to do something for Kashmiri culture and traditions; I was keen to take Wazwan to the world since my business schooldays”

He saved some money while working in Singapore and started the venture with his own funds and savings. Nasir opened his first outlet in Gurgaon on February 7, 2015, and named it as ‘Khyen Chyen’ meaning – food and drinks. Owing to its success, he soon opened two more outlets in Delhi.

“I phased out the opening of the outlets and my vision is to take Kashmiri food to the world and New Delhi being the capital city was my first choice. From here we plan to take Khyen Chyen to various locations across the globe”

Almost all delicacies of Wazwan are cooked at Khyen Chyen. Some are available every day and some on pre-orders. The best part about Khyen Chyen is that they offer authentic Kashmiri food in a traditional way.

“I never look at how hard it is or how hard it was, I guess every day is challenging and that is what keeps me going – I am grateful to God that I could do my bit for the Valley. We have such deep-rooted values and culture, it needed to be showcased”

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