Nazar Nasir – Crocheting Artist

Nazar - Artist Kashmir

From the time I got wits, I’ve always been attracted to different forms of art. I believe that’s the reason this beautiful craft caught me.

15 year old Nazar Nasir from Lalbazar Srinagar is a Crocheting (Qureshi) Artist.

For people, it’s unusual to see a boy in this field of craft but I’m proud to call myself, ‘The only male crocheter of Kashmir’

It all started one day watching my aunt while she was crocheting. It so attracted me that I bought my hook and some yarn and started experimenting and I’ve never stopped since then. For me, crocheting is not just a small business, but an escape from the world as I almost forget my being while crocheting. It’s so healing and so peaceful to me that I can work non-stop without worrying about anything else.

It’s been about 6-7 months since I first started and back then I just crocheted for fun and for friends, relatives etc. But a few months back, I’ve taken it a step further by joining the mission of reviving this lost art once famous in Kashmir known as ‘Qureshi’. I’ve joined Craft World Kashmir which is an online store for handmade stuff including crochet items. We have introduced a new face of crochet with a modern twist.

Here is one of his artwork:

Crocheting Art

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