Nyreen Altaf- Entrepreneur ‘The Royal Wardrobe’

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Nyreen Altaf is a 26-year-old proud owner of “The Royal Wardrobe”- a retail shopping space that deals in dress material. She has been managing her business, home and child quite gracefully. Green Valley educational institute alumna, Nyreen Altaf is a resident of Nawabazar, Srinagar.

The Royal Wardrobe is an online shopping store dealing in dress materials, Abayas, hijabs and bags regaling to the savoriness of Kashmiri women.

“Alhamdulillah for everything. All the ups and downs of my business have helped me to work in a much more streamlined way. Customer satisfaction is my topmost priority.”

Nyreen is a mother of a 3-year-old kid and has received enormous support from her family and friends. Initially, she faced a lot of impediments but she always bounced back, getting better with every iteration of hardships.

“No business is immune to lapse and reversions. But I made it through. The response I have received is beyond my expectations. My customers are increasing exponentially. They are really satisfied with the shopping experience.”

Nyreen aspires to work with Kashmiri third-party sellers. She wants to foster a conducive environment and employment gateway for every women desiring to work online. Owing to the high demand of Kashmiri artifacts in national and international markets, her plan is to work with Kashmiri dealers who can provide her catalogues of Kashmiri dresses.

“I aspire every girl should earn, from the comfort of their home, at least a basic amount to begin with. It is very important to earn your livelihood. It’s not about having an upper hand but helping to keep their homes chugging along.”

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