Shahid Rashid Bhat – Designer

Shahid Rashid Bhat - Designer

He aims to revive the lost glory of cultural clothing like ‘Pheran’ in Kashmir. He’s constantly making efforts towards this subgenre by merging tradition and fashion.

Shahid Rashid Bhat, a budding fashion designer shares this story with us:

“Last year I was traveling in a Sumo. I was wearing a coat while a man seated next to me had a Pheran on. Security forces forced the man to lift his Pheran up while checking the vehicle, however, they didn’t utter a word to me. This very incident persuaded me to choose Pheran as an International project for clothing design. Pheran which is our cultural outfit should not be looked upon with suspicion”, he opined.

He joined a design school and never looked back. He has also got his own brand – “SRB Style Statement”. Presently, he’s doing Masters in Craft Design from the University of Kashmir.


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