Shakir Shera – Dancer, Choreographer

Shakir Shera Kashmir

Dream? If by dreams we mean illusions than I have none. I work hard and sleep dreamlessly. But I do live every moment of my day fully. And I owe this attitude to the blessings and dedication of my parents. If I want to be remembered in any way it is as one who was worthy of the upbringing of by family.

19 year old Shakir Shera is the winner of Kashmir’s Got Talent (Season 1). He is a student of commerce at Gandhi College Srinagar. He is an Artist of Lyrical Hip Hop and he also represents cultural and traditional acts on stage in the state as well as outside from the valley.

I have been working on the lyrical dance form, for last 3 years without any guidance or facilities. Whatever I have learned is either from Internet or TV. In 2015, I won the title in Dance category in “Kashmir’s Got Talent”- A biggest talent hunt show in the history of Kashmir organized by Pace Productions. Shakir has also represented Kashmir on the national T.V reality show – Dance India Dance.

It was really hard to do stuff like dance in Kashmir because in a tender age we became the victim of dystopia like in Kashmir. But, my art is mostly influenced by the reality and the nature of Kashmir as well because there are a lot of things accumulated inside your heart for balance on those things. I find my art the best way to let the emotions and talent out. Lyrical Hip Hop has always been my first love where I could find and let out myself.

I took ‘MC Kashkin’ as a stage name not just an individual but as a ‘Koshur’ to be watched.

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