Taha Mirza: Business Manager- Amazon

Taha Mirza

Taha Mirza is the first Kashmiri to officially present and commentate in an International ICC cricket tournament. Taha works as a Business Manager with Amazon Dubai. He was born and brought up in Ishber Nishat area of Srinagar.

An MBA from Bangalore University, Taha also holds a Bachelors of Arts from Amar Singh College, Srinagar, his alma mater.

“I still remember the day when I signed up for a debate competition I read about in the first handout of youth festival – Sonzal hosted by Kashmir University. It was my first attempt at public speaking and stage fright kicked in. It was all – shaky voice, dry mouth, blushing and dizziness. It was so debasing  that I promised myself to overcome this fear.”

Galvanized to overcome the fear of public speaking, Taha has represented his university in Bangalore on various occasions for 2 whole years.

After moving to Dubai, piggybacking an idea from his friend, Taha came up with a novel notion of using Facebook Live for broadcasting & commentating the first season of Kashmir Super League (KSL).

“Commentating the first season of KSL went so well, I, along with my friend, started to make promo videos for the second season of KSL staring me. It was an innovative idea. In KSL’s third season, I handled the interviews with renowned personalities.”

Sports Arabia – a sports broadcasting company in Saudi Arabia, also invited Taha to commentate on “The Global Zalmi League”.  Taha’s commentary reduced the audience churn to such an extent, he was given an opportunity to officially present the Global Zalmi League.

Alongside working on a project based on Artificial Intelligence, Taha aspires to bring “Brand Kashmir” to the world wherein Kashmiris are recognized all over the globe.

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