Zayed Wani – Former Model

Zayed Wani - Kashmiri Model

“Modelling was my passion. However, it wasn’t long before I realized I’m deviating from what I was supposed to be. I went to the holy pilgrimage and left fashion industry for good”

We have spent most of our lives in collecting more and more of this worldly material and in enjoying worldly pleasures. And haven’t prepared for our journey back to ALLAH, from where we started. Let’s think about returning back to ALLAH before it is too late. As we all know, we have to return to ALLAH.

Zayed Wani, born in Kupwara, spent most of his youth days in Srinagar. He started his career as a business management student in Bangalore. During the outset of his academic career, his passion reoriented to modeling and Fashion industry.

Throughout his modeling career, Zayed had won many beauty pageants. In his freshman year, he won Mr. Fresh face Bangalore. He was in top 9 contestants for Max elite model look. Also, he had been a part of many international and national shows, ramp walks and TVCs consistently.

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