Amandeep Kaur

I was born in a small village called Saidwani of district Budgam.
We moved to Jammu in 1991. Although we’ve been living away since then, yet I visit Kashmir twice or thrice every year since my childhood. Most of my relatives reside in Kashmir. My family used to visit Kashmir during our summer vacations and we’d stay there for a month or so.
Kashmir is the most beautiful place & very close to my heart. I am short of words to express how immensely beautiful it is. The best thing about Kashmir is its people; they are too good, very down to earth, very simple, very helpful and very kind. Another essence of Kashmir is its food, be it Haakh, Monji, Nunn Chai, Kahwa, Nadur, the food tastes so delicious.

I really don’t understand why Kashmir and Kashmiris are highlighted for the bad reasons. It’s such a nice place with great people. Why defaming a colorful place with a black and white name? They say Kashmiris are violent, however, the truth is Kashmiris are most calm & generous of all people in the world. I bear witness to their reality and hospitality and Kashmiriyat.

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