Anshita Koul – Actor, Comedian, Youtuber

Anshita Crazy Koul Kashmiri Youtuber

Meet Anshita Crazy Koul, a Kashmiri Youtuber, actor and comedian who doesn’t consider herself a celebrity. She’s the most glamorous nerd you will meet, though. She loves telling visual stories and celebrating every moment of her life equally with drama, lots of food, melancholy, playlists, dance, comedy, satire, wanderlust and love.

She is an entertainer, with an audience across the globe, a social media fad who’s videos have gone viral. She makes funny videos in Kashmiri which are a hit on Youtube.

“After a couple of generic Kashmiri videos, I started receiving messages from so many young Kashmiris, to make videos on different topics covering the entire spectrum of the Kashmiri culture. The most amazing thing to happen was to see how Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits equally enjoyed my videos and could relate to it, irrespective of the religious differences.”

Anshita Crazy Koul

Anshita was born in Srinagar to a Kashmiri Pandit family in 1986 and moved to Jammu post the Exodus. Anshita topped the J&K State Board Matriculation Exams in 2003 and secured 2nd position in H.S.C, 2005. She is a gold-medalist, and met the love of her life when she was 18(years old).

“Growing up, I heard a lot of stories about how beautiful the valley is from my grandparents and parents, and that leaving Kashmir was the hardest decision for them. I was too young to understand the emotions they felt but when I visited Kashmir for the first time after the 90’s turmoil in standard 8th, I knew what they were missing. It is indeed, the paradise on Earth. It does break my heart to see it burn and how”

She pursued and finished her engineering with scholarship, she also failed a subject in her engineering and got campus placed in the final year of engineering. Though she quit that job in a year and remained jobless for 8 months and that was the time she started watching YouTube and planted an idea of having her own YouTube channel someday. She was rejected in 27 job interviews.

“I attended a Kashmiri Muslim wedding(it was my dad’s friend) was the similarities in our culture, particularly in the valley, despite the different religious backgrounds– the language, the food, the hospitality, the songs, the mentality etc. That really stuck with me forever and you can see an element of that experience in all my Kashmiri videos.”

Watch few of Anshita’s Videos here:

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