Danish Ismail – Journalist

He saw his fragile father pushing a cart. He saw his house getting collapsed due to the foods. He could not afford to buy his school uniform.

“Not very literate but educated enough”
The story of immensely talented Danish Ismail, who works as photo-journalist with the international news agency Reuters.

When his father died, he had no money for funeral but today this internationally renowned photo-journalist lives a good life & owns professional cameras worth lacs.

When asked if he ever felt an inferiority complex for being the son of a labourer, he smiled, paused for a while and shared, “Once I saw my father pushing a cart on the road. I was accompanied by one of my foreigner friends. I went to my father and helped him in pushing the cart. My father got astonished and asked me not to disclose it that I was his son. When my photo-journalist friend from Japan asked me who he was, I proudly told him that he is my father”.

Photo: Kashmir Life.

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