Diya Umar – Makeup Artist

Diya Umer Makeup Artist

Diya Umar is an Entrepreneur and Kashmir’s first Airbrush makeup Artist. She was born and brought up in Barzulla, Srinagar. Alumni of prestigious Presentation Convent School.

She recently started her own studio in Kashmir.  According to Diya, “makeup is all about orchestrating and balancing the entire look with complete finesse! Our forte is to create beautiful, glamorous and unique Brides.” The studio is not limited to serving brides only but caters to her brigade as well.

I feel lucky Masha Allah. I am living my life with my hobby as my Profession.
For Diya, a dream profession was one that could provide her eternal joy and bring out the creative self in her. She wanted to do something that was associated with women and was all about bringing smiles to their faces.

Bride makeup Kashmir

Today every Bride to-be wishes to seek her appointment, waiting for the moment when ‘Diya Umar’ works her magic with her brushes and makes their wedding day the most memorable affair.

Now, Diya’s entrepreneur rise in the beauty industry is her Studio. People are up with praises and really appreciating her concept of putting Jewellery, Clutches,Footwear and Dresses on rent. It has become easy for all to attend parties and weddings now.

“De You” Makeover is a brand emerging fast and there has been no looking back for Diya. However, not everything has been hunky dory for this talented makeup artist, whose Facebook page and mobile was hacked by some unknown person recently.

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