Kareem Sheikh – Womens College Employee

Kareem Sheikh - Womens College Srinagar

I once asked my colleagues to guess whether the woman on a picture was married or not, they bluntly refused to even consider her to be near. Later, I introduced the woman as my wife to them. I revel in bragging my wife’s extravagant, radiant beauty. I was married off at the blooming age of 16 and continued this etiquette with both my sons as well.

“Mr. Kareem Sheikh, a humble & noble human being works in Women’s College Srinagar.”

With 50 rs per month. I started earning by cleaning around the college campus. Turning my words into metaphor, I was born here in this college.There were a few concrete buildings for Geography, Home Science, Botany, the Library and the hostel, the rest were recruited in wooden huts, back in the days.

I adhered through the tenure of likes of Prof. Mehmooda Ali Shah and Prof. Shamla Mufti, watching them add to the pillars of this college. I am indebted to Prof. Shamla Mufti for assigning me a permanent post after 7 years of my employment tenancy. Well, those days, it was for a flick, for a principal to allot a permanent post.

Rooting for integrity and honesty with hard work, I take pride in saying that I’ve never had my hand on the corrupt money. I have only 3 months left till I retire from this job but I would never want to retire from loving my wife.

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