Ruhan Madni Naqash – Entrepreneur (The Climber)

Ruhan Madni Naqash - The Climber

He wishes to create a system of economic independence for Kashmiri youth, where they won’t have to be dependent on anyone.

22 year old Ruhan Madni Naqash, hailing from Barzulla, Srinagar is the Co Founder and CMO of The Climber.

I did my schooling from Burn Hall school and then moved to Chennai to study Engineering. I wasn’t interested in or good at Engineering and while I was in College itself. I met a lot of amazing individuals who wanted to be Designers, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, writers and more, but were stuck pursuing Engineering (or other degrees) because of societal, parental and peer pressure. So we decided to change this while we were still in College. This is how The Climber came into being and to solve this problem we launched our flagship program – MyCaptain( MyCaptain connects students with young achievers in their fields of interest who mentor them on our Tech Platform.

The Climber is incubated at IIM Bangalore, and MyCaptain was recognised by the United Nations SDSN as one of the Top 50 youth led solutions in the World in their SDSN report this year.

Through our Mycaptain program alone we have impacted around 7000 students so far out of which some have gone ahead to become Novelists, Entrepreneurs, Designers, and more!

Last time I had come to Kashmir (in March) I was invited for some talks on Starting Up as a Student and I think the idea was a hit. There have been some startups that have popped up since then in Kashmir. In Kashmir I am helping and mentoring a couple of young startups in terms of refining their business models, marketing methodologies and more.

I believe Student Entrepreneurship, if started off properly in Kashmir can help the community become more Economically independent and will drive down innovation which is a must in this digital age.

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