Sajad Mustafa Nazki – A cancer survivor

sajad - Humans of Kashmir

He was in his thirties when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Sajad Mustafa Nazki battled cancer for almost 3 years, fighting the dreaded disease with unmatched resilience and unwavering faith in God.

He is now up in arms against the killer tumors, actively engaged in helping Cancer patients by counseling, guiding, and motivating them.

“There are so many problems patients face here in our state; lack of advanced equipment and trained professionals are the major cause of concern. There is no proper counseling, patients end up in experimental treatment cycles that do not only exploit their resources but also causes them different related diseases”

“I killed cancer before it could kill me! Hang in there, don’t just give up! This is my cell number 9796333337 call me whenever you need my help.”

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