Saklain Kawos – Entrepreneur

Saklain Kawos - Kashmir

He left his job at a multinational company in Delhi, everyone at home was disappointed with him but he wanted to start a business of his own to be an employer rather than an employee.

Saklain Rashid Kawos, originally from the old city’s Bohri Kadal, is a satisfied entrepreneur today. He has no regrets for leaving the job for he is providing employment to more than a dozen people.

He started his own brand Saklain’s Coterie. It offers various products ranging from essential oils to handmade soaps to lavender shampoo, scrubs, moisturisers, massage bars, bath gels and lavender face packs that emit strong pleasant fragrances, all manufactured in Kashmir.

“I started growing lavender initially on 22 kanals and now I have extended it to 64 kanals which will be further expanded. We also sell homemade products of Kashmiri walnut oils and other stuff that is grown here. Earlier, there were only 30-35 products but now its expanding and the number is increasing.”

“Kashmir produces sufficient lavender oil. If people are ready to work hard, this can be a full-fledged industry which can provide employment to many people.”

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