Taha Naqash – Comedian, Viner

Taha Naqash Comedian

Taha Naqash, a 17-year-old, stand up comedian and Viner started making videos by observing other artists on YouTube and decided to make similar vines in Kashmiri language. His first video gained him above 2000 views in less than 24 hours. This boosted his confidence and since Sep-2016, he is breaking stereotypes in comedy by introducing humorous vines on Instagram and YouTube in Kashmiri Language.

Taha now has over 7500 followers on Instagram (taha_naqash) & his vines have become a hit. He is in the top list of Social media stars in Kashmir. People are always waiting for his new videos.

Taha Naqash is a class 11th student who has done his schooling from Biscoe School. He resides in Sanat Nagar area of Srinagar.

“I started making videos during the unrest in the Valley. I got huge response and support from people all over Kashmir and various public figures particularly RJ Nasir, who motivated me for continuing my work. My parents don’t exactly understand what am I doing as they consider this “Darbedarri” and now I’m a spoiled kid in their eyes”

Taha recently performed in Winterfell Cafe, Boulevard. However, his first ‘open mic’ performance was in Gandhi Bhawan, Kashmir University. The event was organized by Jajeer Talkies and it was for the first time he performed in front of such a big audience.

Taha aspires to take this art as a profession and he is highly inspired by Zaid Ali, a Pakistani Viner.

Watch few of funniest videos of Taha below:

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