Zareef Ahmad Zareef – Poet

“Madtuk jangiyan kodukh farmaan, helicopter dray pakhe vaayan
Pann’nie neekh godde Banihal paar, Yup aav shup heth draav sarkar”

Translation – “The army was flung into operation, flapping their wings came helicopters
Rescued their own to safety, and our government was holding onto a straw”

Zareef Ahmad Zareef, a noted poet and a writer was born on April 17, 1943, in Aali Kadal Srinagar. He received his education from Islamia High School, Rajouri Kadal.

“My father owned one of the largest embroidery workshops in Srinagar and I was expected to come to the workshop as soon as I finish my school and this continued until I reached class 9. The workshop had finest and talented artists of those times. It was not only their fingers that weaved magic but they were high in intellect too. Sometimes they would say a million dollar sentence in a most humorous way. They had seen life and I was getting the most valuable experience from them, be it regarding history, culture or politics.”

A former employee of Information Department, Zareef came to age as a writer and poet after he retired as the cultural officer in 2006.

Zareef is emotionally connected to Kashmir. “Sometimes I think what will happen to Kashmir. We are plagued by social evils and political uncertainty with no solution in sight. Our crown was taken away by Mughals and still not returned back. Kashmir has a disease and the UN doctor had long prescribed the medicine of plebiscite. The medicine was not given on time and the wound has turned into a sore”

(via Greater Kashmir)

One of his most famous poems:

Daem phuit chi gaemech myaen nazar yoot matsar kyah?
mei rov labith lol shahar yoot matsar kyah?

Poozai karaan aes gaemech vaens me tchaayan
aayov ti mei ma vuch na sahar yoot matsar kyah?

Mei khoon maelith sheeshe patyan aeyeene baneyvim
aeseena panin paana khabar yoot matsar kyah?

Mayy togh na parun kya chu leekhit posh deewaran
kael gaem tavay laen acchar yoot matsar kyah?

Sukrath me ahsaan karith govv ne, galath cha?
tyem myan hisukh chov ne zahar yoot matsar kyah?

Mei rov labith lol shahar yoot matsar kyah?
daem phuit chi gaemits myaen nazar yoot matsar kyah?

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